The Book Of 4 Agreements

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When I started hearing it, I almost turned it off because it seemed far too “New Age” (i.e., spiritual nonsense). I`m so glad I didn`t. After the first 2 minutes, this book is awesome. I think this book has completely changed the way I look at the world. Basically, the author says that life is a dream, and the way you look at the world will determine whether it`s a nightmare or an amazing dream. Instead of using nebulous stereotypes like “just think positively.” or “think big,” he explains, how to do much better than I`ve ever heard. Some of them need to be put in context, in this regard, part of what he says could be interpreted as? I can`t do anything wrong? and “the rest of the world is confused, but not me.” However, it really says, don`t fight over mistakes and just learn from them and keep going. In addition, he says that people can be far too rewarding (for various reasons he explains) and you need to be aware before accepting what they are saying. Anyway, buy this audiobook!!! It`s cheap and could radically change the way you look at the world. As an added bonus, Peter Coyote, the narrator, is excellent.

I researched the old Toltec history and it was not beautiful, not beautiful at all. After saying that, this book is written for mean people, most of whom are people in this harassed and rushed society. I cannot be more concise or clearer. I met a person who had read this book, well, I tried to meet people again, she knocked me down so quickly that I felt like a speed bump on the street, and then again, she was a big coffee drinker, like most people I know anyway, a player like that. I`m not at all pro-feminist all day, but this cycle of mutual wound will never stop, as people read books like this, this book feels like we`re going on all men to get what we want from the mentality of life, it takes hypocrisy to a new level, but on the other hand, anyway, we are all hypocrites and we have been for quite some time. I`m in the third book and I understand the concepts because they explain a lot of the methods I`ve learned to make a difference. .