Tcs Field Service Agreement

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Zinier`s intelligent automation platform for field service helps companies transform the way they coordinate and execute your work, so they can solve problems faster, solve things before they break, and wait for the infrastructure we rely on every day. Field service organizations around the world use Zinier to connect all their teams and data in one place and improve every aspect of their field operations. We are a global team based in Silicon Valley and leading investors such as Accel, ICONIQ Capital, Founders Fund, Newfund Capital, NGP Capital, Tiger Global Management and Qualcomm Ventures LLC. Ecomond TCS Mobile App provides field agents with all the information they need to complete their tasks and report changes they are facing. Ecomond oy is committed to maintaining the TCS system with a separate maintenance contract. The interview includes technical development, free childcare and advice, as well as necessary updates for the software covered by the contract due to legislative changes. Delivery/collection/realization of more than billions of products/services per year. The solution automates routine manual processes and helps teams get things done faster. An intuitive dashboard allows leaders to track progress in real time and advance improvements. It also assists with psa implementation and verification as well as new on-site protocols for mobile employees. The automation solution for the foreign service allows flexibility in planning and layout, taking into account social distancing and security measures.

In addition, it allows customers to efficiently use on-demand staff, including new subcontractors. On the front line of foreign service, there is a transformative shift to contactless service delivery, with intelligent automation allowing employees to resolve issues faster. From back office coordinators to field technicians, these teams have been indispensable in maintaining facility availability during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing field managers and IT managers to quickly implement contingency plans to minimize and optimize risk. “COVID-19 has reinforced the need for businesses to look beyond their traditional field service activities and find ways to resist through smart technologies, as the economy adapts to this new type of isolated activity,” said Anil Pai, Global Head – Digital Field Service Management, Enterprise Application Services, TCS. “Our new digital solution with Zinier uses intelligent automation to help companies respond quickly to changing priorities and protect their top employees – now and in the future.” In response to this trend, TCS leveraged its cross-industry expertise and understanding of critical industry processes and foreign service components to develop an AI-managed field automation solution on Zinier`s ISAC platform, to offer global teams of external services in critical service sectors such as utilities, Telecommunications and Manufacturing an agile and scalable approach to respond quickly to new security and optimization priorities….