Sorority Housing Agreement Termination

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D. When the selection lists of fraternity and sorority rooms for the next academic year are submitted, any place that is not filled by the chapter may be made available during the official selection procedure. The formal space selection process ends when the last waiting student on the waiting list will be offered a place in a campus apartment. Vacancies that were not selected during the regular space selection process are the responsibility of the Chapter. The administration of Roanoke College believes that while brotherhoods and sisters up to their principles, they are an invaluable asset to the university community. Anxious to promote fraternity / Sorority Life, the University offers the privilege of creating recognized housing for brotherhoods and sisters as long as the organization operates according to the prescribed national and institutional standards. The following standards are the reciprocal expectations of the university and the Fraternity/Sorority. I acknowledge that the stay in a particular area of fraternity/sisters depends on my status as a member of the respective fraternity or sorority. In rare cases, a non-member may also be allowed to live in a fraternity/fraternity field.

If my membership in the Fraternity or Sorority ceases or is no longer in good reputation in the organization, it may be necessary for me to move to another dormitory on campus. B. It is recommended that each fraternity/sorority keep chapter objects such as furniture, composite materials, electronic devices, etc. in the chapter room provided for this purpose. Each brotherhood/sorority is responsible for the conservation of its property if it does not wish these goods to be used. If the Brotherhood/Sorority manages not to store its furniture, it does so at its own risk. Roanoke College is not responsible for the ownership of the brotherhood/sorority, unless such property is damaged or stolen through negligence on the part of college staff. One.

Residents of the Fraternity Neighborhood have the same rights and duties as other students at Roanoke University, as described in the student manual. All College and Residence Life & Housing policies and regulations apply to residents who live in the designated chapter. In addition to the Life & Housing college and residency policies, residents will meet the expectations and responsibilities defined by the Fraternity/Sorority and its (inter)national headquarters. In the event of a conflict between the guidelines, the college guidelines replace the individual fraternity/sorority guidelines and its (inter)national headquarters, unless the director of Residence Life & Housing decides otherwise. Federal, state and local laws should be respected by residents and members. 1. The Fraternity/Sorority may ask the college to provide common space furniture. One chapter vote must be held to obtain a simple majority and the minutes of the meeting that document this vote must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life & Housing. The Brotherhood / Sorority is financially responsible for damages that are not in the normal wear and tear of the furniture purchased by the college.

If, for any reason, these institutions and arrangements prove unsatisfactory, either for the Brotherhood/Fraternity or for the College, and satisfactory arrangements cannot be made, either party may announce in writing that it is terminating the agreement at the end of the current academic year. At the end of the current academic year, the university will begin to use the space as it deems necessary.