Collective Agreement Abom 2018

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About 4,000 civil servants employed by 10 banks on the peninsula would benefit from the conclusion of the 13th collective agreement. October 17, 2018 Collective Agreement 2018-2020 negotiation. 9 July 2018 2nd ca-2018 meeting on our PROPOSAL CA 2018-2020 on our EU explanatory statement. 24 May 2018 1. Ca Negotiation Meeting on our proposal and the basic rule at CA 2018 -2020. 21 November 2018 Collective agreement 2018-2020 Signing ceremony at level 31st Menara CIMB, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, KL Sentral. About 20,000 office and non-office workers receive salary increases of up to 12 percent, as well as expanded benefits and allowances, including 0 percent interest-rate loans, under the new collective agreement (CA). 2 October 2018 6. CA Negotiation Meeting and awaiting a new counter-proposal from the Bank at the next meeting. 19 July 2018 3. CA Negotiation Meeting on the Bank`s counter-proposal. In her welcome speech, MCBA President Nora Manaf praised the commitment of the MCBA and ABOM for their professionalism in conducting the CA negotiations. It found that, as in the past, ABOM had always prepared in advance and was ready to conclude the collective agreement after only a few rounds of bargaining.

It was followed by a speech by ABOM Chairman Wan Shaharuddin Shah Ismail, who also praised the good relationship between MCBA and ABOM, which contributed to the outcome of the collective agreement. April 26, 2018 Filing with the Bank of the 2018-2020 CA proposal. The new board for the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020 was signed yesterday by the Malayan Commercial Banks` Association (MCBA) and the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE). . She added that the overall compensation package offered under the new CA, combined with lenders` career and learning opportunities, will ensure that the banking sector remains the most sought-after sector to attract and retain top talent. Nora also stressed the need to improve productivity and build workers` capacities so that workers can successfully thrive in times of lightning speed of technological development and economic volatility. She continued to illustrate some of the challenges ahead and turn them into opportunities for better livelihoods. Under the new CA, MCBA`s 20-member banks will grant a salary adjustment of 10% to 12% to all employed and non-employed employees, depending on the maximum salary in their respective pay areas. The celebration was very well attended by members of the HR community in the banking sector and members of ABOM.

The MCBA was represented by its President Nora Abd Manaf and ED Lam Yoo Yuen, while the NUBE was represented by its President, Mr. Tan Eng Hong, and General Secretary J Solomon. “We believe this renewed Board will inspire employees of member banks to do their best to further increase productivity in their respective workplaces,” Nora said at the signing ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. The starting salary for the different groups of employees covered by the CA is also increased from 12 to 16%, with an increase in their maximum salary of 16%. .