City Indemnification Agreement

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It is illegal to dig up, break or rebuild any part of a street in the City of Calgary without the written permission of the Highway Manager. This authorization takes the form of a road compensation agreement. Priority includes: urban roads, sidewalks, entrance junctions, concrete roads, boulevards, sidewalks and gutters, back alleys/alleys and sidewalks. In your application to the City to prepare a compensation agreement, you must specify that if you are constructing a lane under the compensation agreement, replacing the sidewalk and gutter, or performing other work that may affect the slope of the roadway, the City will investigate and make notes available for construction. To request a refund or submit a question regarding road compensation agreements, please contact us via the eServices request below. It takes up to six weeks for the city to have prepared and approved a roadside compensation agreement, provided that the claimant provides all necessary documents, insurance certificates, bonds and fees in a timely manner. A compensation agreement can only be approved when all signed copies of the agreement are returned to the City, as well as: a compensation agreement authorizes a certified contractor who works on behalf of a landowner to dig up, break or rebuild all or part of a road for a given project. This agreement: the preparation of the compensation agreement takes up to four weeks. Once completed, copies of the prepared agreement will be sent for signature to your company address. The prepared agreement includes the amount of the deposit, administrative and engineering costs as well as the insurance coverage that must be provided before the indemnification agreement can be approved. Request the preparation of a compensation agreement on ePermits Please note that as soon as a compensation agreement has been approved by the city, you must obtain a search permit before starting construction.

For more information, see the excavation permits page. A compensated master`s contractor has a permanent indemnification agreement with Roads. For each project, the master indemnity contractor requests a supplement to his framework contract. Once the construction is completed and a city inspector has authorized the initial construction, the city reimburses 50% of the deposit. If the city authorizes construction after the expiration of the two-year warranty period, the balance of your deposit will be refunded…