Application To Enter Into Residential Tenancy Agreement

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This letter informs the tenant that the landlord accepts the rent, but is still ending the lease because he has arrived three or more times late in the last 12 months. Standard Rental Agreement (Form 1) (Updated – valid from 1 August 2014) Owners must use this form or a proprietary form containing all the information required at the beginning of a lease. Assignment or sublease of lease (Form 3) Landlords must use this form if they allow a tenant to sublet or assign their lease. A copy of the current lease should be attached to this form. Termination by tenants (form 7) Tenants are invited to use this form if they end their tenancy. Notification to the new tenant (form 2) (Update – valid from 1 March 2013) Landlords must make available to all new tenants a completed form “Notification to the new tenant” at the beginning of the lease. Owners are required to send a copy of this form to the Residential Tenancies Branch (branch). CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION – Termination by Condominium Corporation (Form 10 Section 39 NOTE: A condominium corporation must use this form when terminating a lease for violation of the company`s declaration, articles or rules or certain sections of the Residential Tenancies Act. This form is also available under Condominium Forms at