Mcdonald`s Term Of Agreement

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These terms and conditions include and complement Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) terms and conditions, including the terms and conditions they contain for the end user of the app (“Apple`s Terms”). If you use the online services through the Apple app (“Apple App”), you also recognize and accept: – If a third-party claim violates your property or use (in accordance with these conditions) of the Apple app, Apple is not liable to you or is responsible for that claim. These conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Vietnam`s legislation, regardless of the principles of legal conflict. They irrevocably accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Vietnam for any legal action arising from these conditions or online services. If the Apple app you purchased does not match any valid warranty, you can notify Apple who will refund the purchase price of the Apple app under Apple`s terms and conditions. To the extent permitted and to the extent permitted by law, Apple does not provide or include any guarantees, conditions or other clauses relating to the Apple application and does not answer to you for any claims, losses, costs or expenses of any kind regarding the Apple app or as a result of you or any other person who uses the Apple app or who relies on any of its content. Like most other fast food chains, McDonald`s has a mix of its own stores and franchises. The company enters into an agreement with a franchise that then manages a restaurant or a number of restaurants. Each restaurant independently determines its own prices and independently collects all additional taxes and taxes, as required by law.

Some offers and prices may not be available for all orders on all sites. If you discover an error in the price of a billed product, please contact the restaurant where you purchased the product to request a refund of the difference. How to settle disputes. You agree: that: 1) all claims or disputes (contractual, unre stolen or otherwise) that you have with McDonald`s or other members of the McDonald`s system arising from or related to online services or these conditions are resolved exclusively by a final and binding arbitration procedure, managed by JAMS and executed before a single arbitrator using THE rules and procedures of simplified arbitration by JAMS (“rules and procedures” (2) This arbitration agreement is involved in an intergovernmental trade transaction and is subject to the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”), 9.C. (3) The arbitration process takes place in a place defined by JAMS in accordance with its rules and procedures (provided that the place is appropriately comfortable for you), or in another place where you, McDonald`s or other members of the mcDonald`s may agree by mutual agreement; (4) The arbitrator`s decision is based on these conditions and any other agreement you have in relation to online services; 5. The arbitrator applies Illinois law, which is in accordance with the FAA, and the applicable statute of limitations and takes into account the privileges recognized by law; (6) Claims are not dealt with on a class or agent basis because you and McDonald`s waive the right to claims in a class or representative action; Arbitration will therefore only rule on the individual rights of you and McDonald`s; It is agreed that the arbitrator cannot consolidate or join the rights of another person or party to an arbitration proceeding between you and McDonald`s under this provision; 7. You and McDonald`s authorize the arbitrator with exclusive authority to resolve all disputes relating to the interpretation, applicability or applicability of those terms or the drafting of the contract, including the predictability of a dispute and any allegation that all or part of these conditions are undauthsive or undauthated; (8) In the event that administrative, arbitration and arbitration fees are 100